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Why You Should Get A Custom Tailored Business Suit

A business suit is like a coat of armor for the knight; it’s what he wears when he is entering the battlefield. A business is much like a battlefield. If you want to conquer, you need a nice pair of armor (a business suit) and a plan to overcome.

Ok… that may seem a bit overdramatic. 

But there is no doubt that a business suit represents you as a person and your brand, and getting a business suit that is tailored to your body and custom made is a better strategy for your body and your business than you might think.

Custom tailored suits are stylish, elegant, fitting, much like the business you’re trying to portray. There are many perks you get when you have a custom-made suit over a factory manufactured one.

The Difference Between a Factory Manufactured Suit and a Custom Tailored One

When you buy a factory-produced, mass-produced, ready-made suit, it is very likely that it will not be installed correctly. Standard size suits are made in accordance with the method of the dicer, without taking into account the fact that people will have various shapes and sizes and have specific needs and tastes.

Retailers usually advise you to change the clothes to fit them. Although minor modifications can be made, more significant risks can damage the structural integrity of the garment.

In order to fully control the fit of the suit, tailor tailoring is your only choice. You can create custom suits from more than 100 data points to ensure a perfect outfit for everyone!

 You Get The Right Measurements

Have you ever noticed that you fit the “medium” of one brand and the “big” of another brand? Ok, because every store has a different discount. This is not only confusing but also very time-consuming. You end up wasting time trying out different sizes of fitting rooms before finding the right one.

When you customize, your exact measurements will be saved in the tailor’s database. Your measurement data is ready and waiting for the next suit.

You Represent Your Own Self Like Your Own Brand

Don’t trust the hype of overpriced labels that are expensive but look ordinary.

When you choose a custom tailor, your outfit will be tailored to your personal taste and personality, effectively creating your own personalized brand, always in stock, and always in your size.

You design your own suit – we just help you get the tailoring down.

The beauty of custom suits is that you can choose from a variety of world-class fabric customization options. Every piece from cuffs and collars to lapels and linings can be made to your exact taste and specifications.

You can create a look based on the latest issue of Men’s Style. You can even draw inspiration from the look of an existing designer and add your own spin effects.

Quality and Quantity 

Quality is the most important and even the biggest advantage of custom clothing. High-quality custom suits will make it easy to complete the look of your parts.

Construction quality will extend the life of your clothing, and if it is a canvas suit, it will allow the garment to adapt to your body shape over time.

Always remember that a perfect fit cheap suit looks much better than an unsuitable expensive suit.

Your fabric choice, we tailor to your needs

Tailored suit fabrics come in a variety of brands and come in different shades and shades. This is a ready-made thing that you are not easy or not easy to find.

If you want to look subtle without any attention, choose navy or charcoal grey. These colors work best in offices and official events. However, if you want to make up for a wedding, wearing a light suit (such as Cambridge Grey or Olive Green) can be a miracle, taking your appearance to the next level.

Your suit lasts longer, it’s higher quality, and it fits you better for a longer time.

Another major advantage of tailored suits in Chang Mai,Thailand is the care instructions and maintenance services that can radically increase the life of the suit.

For example, if you lose some weight, the tailor will be able to change your clothes and update your measurements professionally.

Starting from the suit

We can get you the proper suiting that you need for the price; we believe in the highest quality suits at the lowest price. Even when you include international shipping, it will cost you much lower prices than a suit from your own town. 

The reason we started this service was that we wanted young & emerging business professionals as well as the lions of the business world to get their suits made from the highest quality material and methods at prices that are healthy on your wallet.

It’s a fact that your suit is a representation of your business. Let us represent the quality and professionalism that your business represents.

Why us

We are a Thai tailor and suiting company that looked at the market and saw the expensive suits in the market; suits are our passion, and we want to bring the highest quality suits to you at the lowest prices possible.

The current market is too expensive if you want a Custom Tailored Business Suit; for the startup business owner to the seasoned business professional, we provide suits that will fit every professional need at the most affordable price.

Get the leads you needed and shake new hands on the business battlefield.